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Innovation, Regions, Universities


Information Science, Medical-Engineering Fusion

The need for differentiation and speed in international business development is growing. Increasingly, borders have disappeared, requiring an enhanced IT infrastructure for sharing the agenda (Mission) among companies. In the IT infrastructure, IOT data collection infrastructure and concept and the leap in computer information processing capacity is accelerating new AI developments. We will analyse and clarify the solutions for the basic social infrastructure needs facing both in the mature, developed countries and emerging, developing countries.


Big data and artificial intelligence, application of information science and technology, business model study


Innovation seeds search, problem awareness and development method sharing at universities, start-ups


Fusion of "Medical and life sciences" with "Engineering, IT and Electronics". Also, that of hardware, software and the healthcare serivices


Social mission search, Interdisciplinary approach to social mission search and the spread of social philosophy



Regional economic Development & the Ecosystem

Securing water and food, infectious disease prevention, education, communication, and other basic social infrastructure in developing regions as well as transportation, aging and depopulation in developed countries are themes for a vibrant community recovery. As an approach, "Smart City" is seen from the perspective of a regional model encompassing comprehensive and specific themes. The formation of an "innovation ecosystem" where innovation seeds emerge autonomously within the core enterprise economy will also be researched, as well as business improvements in production technologies and productivity in primary industries (agriculture, forestry, etc.).


Acquisition and enhancement basic social infrastructure, including water and food acquisition, infectious disease prevention, education, communication, and transportation 


Revitalization of the vitality of local communities facing aging and depopulation.


Formation of the Regional Innovation Ecosystem


Study and the smart city model rooted in local communities, promote


Improved business potential of production technology and productivity in the primary industry (agricultural production forestry, etc.)



Academic Leadership, Global Linkages

Universities have a lofty mission to lead society and they question society through basic research necessary for its realization, giving birth to a cooperative relationship with industrial society. Furthermore, outside the university, in terms of problem awareness and basic science and technology, companies can cooperate with universities to scale beyond borders as part of an international expansion strategy.


Creation of lofty, compelling mission to lead the society


Setting research themes based on market trends and business development needs


Creating smooth linkages with corporate deployment


Spread university intellectual property, ventures and other science into the wider industrial society


Training human resources with a global perspective








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