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Flexibility, Scalability, and Globality


SBF is a mission-oriented business support consultancy specializing in the IoT-AI fields. Started in 1999 in Silicon Valley, US. We will promote product and business planning from the perspective of IoT, Data analysis / AI-based digital transformation, which is the key to creating competitiveness through proactive development in products and businesses. We will work together on themes that will improve society and lead the world with a sense of problem, mission, and expandability from a global perspective. 

Advanced Computing, Edge AI

Data Sensing, IoT Platform

Healthcare, Life science IoT

Smart Industry, Smart City

Business Support
Business Opportunities Clarify

Products Design, Business Strategy

IoT/AI Trend leading, M&A

Business Promotion Globally

IT Solution Proposal


Data Sensing, IoT Platform

Machine Learning, Edge Com. AI

Smart Factory, Plant management

Health-Disease Monitoring 

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