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Data IoT Solution Proposing


For IT solutions related to data processing as below, SBF will also propose specific products and services.

IoT Platform,  AI

High-Speed Data Processing, sensing network, IoT Platform

Parallel processing, more cost- and time-efficient data processing generate more big data for businesses. BI raises the level of data processing of related products and services by making full use of these features. We provide solutions around these themes including sensing network and IoT platform. 

Data Analysis, Edge Computing-AI, AR / VR

Rapid expansion in computer performance is attracting attention again in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) including Machine Learning & Deep Learning for structured and unstructured data processing. It would be ideal if AI processing would be completed at the site. Simulation / modeling method from the viewpoint of supplementing real data is also evolving fusing with AI.  AR/VR also various industrial sectors applications.


Smart Manu. & Plant / Health-Disease monitoring

Manufacturing Digitization, Smart  Plant management

Now, there is growing digitization of manufacturing processes, where the flow of optimization and standardization is based on managing data generated in the manufacturing steps. Increasing the safety and working efficiency of the plant site using camera monitoring systems to inspect product images on the production line is attracting renewed attention. AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) are also the frontier.

Health-Disease Management, Monitoring

As the awareness rises in day-to-day health management methods and tools, there is also a growing need for a health support for employees in the company, such as medical management platforms for employees, employers, insurers, and medical personnel. Preventive monitoring for chronic/adult diseases, and specific diseases such as cardiovascular system and digestive system, elderly monitoring are the targets. 

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