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Data Sensing, IoT Platform


Data Sensing Devices & System, AI Robotics

Sensing technology has become wider and deeper in scope. Health management and preventive medicine, prognosis management, and elderly monitoring, advanced technical services of collection and management of biological information through medical wellness have progressed. For routine industrial pollution management, environmental monitoring, and earthquake, especially initial diagnostic/treatment phase in healthcare become more essential in our life. Moreover, Data sensing system supports the Internet of Thing (IoT) era in terms of hardware, from advanced semiconductor devices supporting data high-speed processing, with expandability such as actuators, artificial intelligence equipped robotics, etc.


IoT Platform, 5G competitiveness

The mobile, ubiquitous data is being rapidly used in applications to support society. In recent IoT (Internet of Things), 5G infrastructure, the sensor technology of the ICT infrastructure and semiconductors are increasingly merging into a single concept. IoT is, beyond the walls of the hardware and software, human activities, is the grand vision of bringing together the information and knowledge. The platform consists of communication and network-related ICT infrastructure, core general-purpose software such as data storage, analysis, security, and various business applications.






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