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Advanced, Edge AI, Quantum


Data Analysis, Advanced AI, Quantum computing

Data science is the cornerstone of our research including the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) area developments that is big data processing of data mining, machine learning, and deep learning typically. It also includes structure/unstructured data analysis, simulation/ modeling and AR/ VR technology as core targets. Medical image data communication for preventive/predictive healthcare is a major theme. Also, power generation and energy use data is another main focus. In addition, business and housing space surveillance, and monitoring systems for environmental protection, the importance of the storage system have increased due to a large amount of data. In particular, it deals with data processing software, the basic technology of AI, and the general solution across sectors including Enterprise AI.

In addition, the development of quantum computers themselves, the electronics infrastructure area that supports them, and the use development of such ultra-high-speed computing power will be central issues in the field of advanced computing. 


Advanced Computing, Edge Processing, AI

Cloud-based computer network models have been proven especially effective during natural disasters in terms of data storage. Energy-saving by data centers utilizing IT technologies that make full use of alternative energy is common. In cloud computing, the service model on the terminal side becomes important during the development stage of competing applications on the infrastructure platform. The Cloud is the foundation that makes it expandable and expeditious for its various developments. Together with edge computing, cloud computing has been increasingly premised.

At the same time, it would be ideal if AI processing would be completed at the site. There is also a movement called Microservices Architecture.

The idea of "Changing the World Using IT technology" (University of California, Berkeley) has become increasingly important as IT technologies and systems responsible for the social infrastructure.



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