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Smart Industry, Smart City, Logistics


Smart Manufacturing, Smart City

Process control digitization including predictive data analytics at manufacturing production sites is gaining renewed attention. Production process management, demand forecasting tools, plant management, and quality management using the image analysis technology, surveillance camera systems with enhanced data processing capability, inventory management, which make full use of IC tags, RFID, etc. Using Manufacturing Execution System (MES) management processes for design, assembly and test management, we aim for high-mix, low-volume production, while maintaining the operating rates of equipment and digitizing and standardizing production processes. CAE (the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering analysis tasks and the tool) is also the core.

In addition, logistics efficiency and optimization, environmental conservation, monitoring areas are continuing themes. The cutting edge area is the utilization of artificial intelligence for materials and composition analysis. Smart City designing using AR / VR is also noteworthy. 

In terms of affinity with IoT, replacing monitoring targets with the natural environment and crops directly leads to environmental monitoring and improved productivity in agriculture and food production.


-Composition analysis, structure analysis of metal, polymer materials using AI

-Predictive data analytics in manufacturing and plant management


-MES (Manufacturing Execution System) management


-CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)


-Production process management, demand forecasting tools


-Plant management, product lifecycle management


-Product development simulation and modeling

-Sensing technology, the system for constant data collection

-Structured and unstructured data analysis AI, digital twin


-Product quality control using image analysis technology


-Surveillance camera system with enhanced data processing capability


-Predictive management of power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure, system


-Smart City planning using AR/ VR


-Smart Building, Facility Management

-Logistics Efficiency, Optimization 

-Environment sensing, Agriculture monitoring

-Agricultural product monitoring, Secure food supply


Renewable Energy, other Sustainable Society (SDGs)

P&G lists up the following items for a sustainable society, that is for realization of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)What could we do for that?


 -Reducing water consumption in manufacturing and in the consumer using 
-Reducing CO
2 and energy usage
-Delivering the same superior products with less packaging 
-Increasing use of renewable materials and energy
-Making every facility as efficient as possible 
-Reducing transportation by 20% and more by 2020 




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