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Healthcare, Lifescience IoT/AI



Medical Data Analysis, Predictive Monitoring

Among health care workers, the need to manage, store, transmit, output, and share detected by diagnostic and measurement equipment is increasing, typically for remote diagnostic imaging and medical education. In addition, personal medical care from pathology image information, biological information (vital data) collected daily, and home treatment, including preventive and predictive health care, employee health management, nursing care and elderly monitoring infrastructure are important.

Also Regional health care, in-home medical care, ICT, and system development.

On the other hand, in view of the current situation of infectious diseases, the need for IT, digitalization, and DX that contribute to the operation and management of medical institutions is increasing more than ever.

Data analysis for the medical data management and communication of meaningful medical information


Medical imaging systems such as PACS, and patient & hospital management information systems, merging of these systems


Preventive and predictive medicine, health management and mental health management of employees


Cancer diagnosis assistance using image data AI (Deep Learning)   


Predictive disease management and monitoring using AI      


Regional health care, in-home medical care, ICT, and system development

Digitalization and DX contribute to the operation and management of medical institutions



Bioinformatics, AI using Drug Development

Bio data also could be taken in various inspections in initial diagnosis, which could go continually into individual databases. Gene check might be done as a fundamental etiology analysis and a fastener for individual, no error medical treatment. Such data and database could be shared socially. Also in drug development, data management has become increasingly complex and rapid during data collection from various cultures, clinical trial processes and safety management.


Initial diagnosis at the time of the bio-data detection; database through continuous aggregation and analysis


Precision Medical by gathering genetic testing and pathological image information


Bio basic research and culture status check during drug development including trial medicine; associated measuring devices


For clinical trials, data collection and predictive analysis in composition efficacy and safety management, etc. 

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