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Financial transaction IT, Fintech


Investment banking, Global trading IT, BlockChain

We will pursue the advanced way of financial and capital markets transactions in the IT and globalized market. We are watching the key words as follows: global investment, information analysis, BI (Business Intelligence), knowledge data communication infrastructure such as financial portfolio management, further enhancement of ultra-high-speed trading (HFT), automatic transaction support infrastructure, BlockChain(Distributed database, Direct trading infrastructure), namely high-speed batch processing of transaction data distributed internationally, data tracking of international transactions especially money laundering monitoring etc.


Global investment, information analysis, BI, portfolio management tool


High Frequency Trading(HFT), Automatic trading


High-speed processing of transaction data distributed internationally, "BlockChain"


Money laundering transaction monitoring



Individual investors IT infrastructure, advisor function

In the more individual investor market, we are interested in e.g. mobile trading infrastructure through portable equipment and its security management, respond and preemption to market realities that increasingly expanded system buying and selling ratio with automatic transaction, providing information infrastructure enhancement for that. On the other hand, it has also being advanced and complex to support the aging society such as medical insurance and pensions. Strengthening of advisors in this area also will be decisive factor of differentiation.


Mobile trading infrastructure through mobile equipment and security


Information providing for individual investors


Preventive medical insurance and financial infrastructure for an aging society


Financial advisor support




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