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Blog: Update Innovation Drivers                                                                                          

                                     Innovation Drivers」Hakuto Shobo

                        - Core Strategies To Lead IoT Trends -

We are focusing on the further fusion of hardware and IT symbolized by the IoT (Internet of Things), and the development of applied businesses related to the data processing / analysis domain and artificial intelligence that support it. In that sense, we will serialize recent trends and SBF's efforts regarding the formation of competitiveness from the perspective of the data value chain. It is a deep-drilled content that is a successor, update to Chapter 4 and part of Chapter 5 of my book "Innovation Drivers" above.

                                         Written by Yutaka Ujiie

                                           (President: SBF, Inc.)                               

Creating an innovative company                                                   2022.4.25

DX for product and service development and provision                           6.1

Determining the theme of DX efforts-1                        6.15

Self-diagnosis for competitiveness                                                                7.5

Broaden your business ideas and make a leap                                           7.13
The normal way of DX conversion                                                                7.20

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