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1. Business Supports


We will work on the following two themes.

○ Provide your strategic products more persuasively Now

○ Increasing the competitiveness of the product and business from now on

Concretely, we will support business research and consulting on the following initiatives. The main target areas are ICT base (data IT / AI, IoT platform), and their application areas (medical / life sciences, industrial/social infrastructure).

Grasp the target customer needs for the new market, R&D Planning

We grasp global social issues as a business opportunity and drop them into new market development of you in the industry sector and the global area of the world, clarify the apparent and potential product needs of the target customers. We also investigate partnerships for R&D including standardization activities.

Business design & planning support

To address specific issues for these business opportunities, we provide supports as follows through the inductive approach not being bound to prejudice.

  1) Product and service planning, business model analysis

  2) Search for important technologies and product development

Enterprise Cooperation / M&A support

  1) Technology development planning; the search for potential partners companies for product & service development and the procurement (strategy portfolios)

  2) Business and capital alliance building and M&A with potential partners

International Business Promotion

We provide business support in North America, Japan, China, Asian and Europe, and seek business alliances with target companies in destination markets.


2. Data IT solution proposing

Regarding the theme below, we will propose concrete tech & services vendors, ventures.

High-Speed Data Processing /  Analysis including AI

Using more cost and time efficient data processing techniques like parallel processing and semantic analysis, it is possible to integrate Big Data into your business so you can provide better customer service. Here, we propose the foundation and general purpose technology for BI and AI analysis.

Digitization of Manufacturing / Health-Disease monitoring 

Through continuous on-site monitoring in factory and various industrial plant, it become possible the predictive operation and maintenance. It is linked to new SCM (Supply Chain Management) including product inventory data tracking, digitization tools to overall optimization and standardization.

Similarly, in healthcare, we can propose the monitoring technology and services  that realize the early detect and management of chronic illness, adult diseases etc in daily life.

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