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Launched in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto) in 1999, SBF is a boutique consultancy providing business promotion support and design-planning in the Digital IT sectors. Particularly, we support to promote your strategic products globally now and for the future in the field of data analysis / AI, the business solution providing, and SDGs. We will work together on themes to improve and lead society with rich ideas, awareness of issues, a sense of mission, and extensibility from a global point of view. 

The meanings of Innovation are expanding throughout the entire business cycle including not just in advanced technology and products developments but also in the service operation and delivery phase. Boundaries between traditional industries are vanishing, where it is more important what about the technology & business idea, what final goals are pursued. Research themes would go beyond the framework of any single company or group there. The multifaceted solutions would transcend national borders, where the really meaning Business Speed is becoming increasingly important.


Such kind of business innovation is more essential in addressing the common challenges like daily health care, environment, energy, finance, food… which are being faced both in developed and developing countries. SBF has been supporting the planning and development of technical products and businesses using IT since its founding in 1999. Currently, software & hardware, IT-electronics & life science are fusing. Furthermore, the fusion area is becoming the most important and biggest growing sectors. The major target and opportunity are there for the mission, the research & development, and the business chances.


To build the best and strongest leading-edge businesses, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) among companies across borders are accelerating. From an IT viewpoint, the driving force for this fusion is the exchange of the data, information and knowledge. An effective approach is to clarify the business model in terms of the flow of data and the value chain added in standalone equipment devices, IT infrastructure, software, and actual user services to pursue real data science innovation in the broadest sense.

What we, people can do in the era when automation-AI is accelerated?  What is our role and value? I think that what we could do at least as the most enjoyable thing is to keep thinking about what you want to accelerate automate / AI, how to do it, and what we want to do as a next step.


Changes in macro-economic conditions and the demand for goods & services are dizzying. Developing new technology products, services and planning your entire business cannot be stopped. We will work with you on leading-edge themes that improve society with greater ideas, problem awareness, mission and global scaling perspective. 

                                                                                                                        SBF Consulting                                                                                                            President:  Yutaka Ujiie                                                                      


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