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Product & Service Designing


Considering various themes and possible approaches to a global perspective, business trends, market environment and positioning, we analyze business planning strategies broken down for individual companies. At the same time, we identify the business service model along the value chain of data transactions in various scenarios, especially from a data science perspective.


1. To develop the management strategy and business plans for short-, medium- and long-term business growth and development

2. Research of business, product planning and service models. Relevant markets, competitor trends, case analysis, etc.

3. Review of potential partners and collaboration models to accelerate business development (inside and outside your target markets)

4. Detailed strategy, methodology and study challenge finished products and services 


SWOT Approach

For business opportunities, we first analyze both the development of products and services and how are they marketed. Second, we analyze the strengths and challenges of yours. Finally, we evaluate overall and specific strategies.


Potential Portfolio Strategy

 Beyond products and services planning and business strategy, it is useful to prepare a matrix dividing divide future strategy into “status quo” and “new”, in terms of technologies and markets. Regarding business development, the vertical axis is technology products and the horizontal axis is the business area in terms of regional characteristics. To model future innovation development, each is divided into the status quo and new. In this matrix, the right half is a new area for the company, which was based on the bandwagon, and ultimately has a higher probability of success.

In developing this new area, an open strategy is effective with other companies. In order to achieve it, your leadership in cooperating with external companies, universities, etc., and potential portfolio companies will be the major starting point.



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