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IoT/AI trend leading, M&A 


Product creation to lead IoT / AI trend 

For complete development of technology products, the main tasks are the search for internal and external target markets to enhance product performance and upgrades and building relationships with related companies. We aim for synergy in the development process. The best approach is joint development of semi-finished products and module products to finished high equipment and systems, along with the basic infrastructure, university research institutes, technology business seeds procurement of large and medium-start-up companies.Strategic response to and leading the IoT / AI trend is the top priority.


CVC Investment, M&A

CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) strategic investments, Mergers and Acquisitions aim at business performance for faster, more effective business.

(1) We narrow down your corporate partners in United States, Japan, Europe and Asia based on your development and marketing, (2) Conversely, the flexibility and licensing of your technology seeds, (3) We support each step of strategic management integration / M&A, and the like.


- M&A Deal Flow -

Confirmation of business objectives and needs through M&As

For the M&A proposal, pre-search of sell-side firms to ensure the target destination population

M&A Engagement Letter agreement

Provision of initial and follow-up information of sell-side companies

Conditions negotiated through the sell-side agent (M&A purchase price, forms, etc.)

Conclusion of a basic agreement contract LOI (Letter Of Intent)

Undertaking Due Diligence

M&A Purchase Agreement Signing

Confirmation of M&A-related legislation

Confirmation of settlement financial institutions; preparation for M&A closing

Closing: Settlement of purchase price and compensation

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