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Innovation Drivers

Innovation Drivers (ID)

Support set for forming growth potential

For studying DX development measures for products


The recent IoT / AI trends are driven by the following series of data IT technologies and concepts. In other words, "the spread of data sensing and collection," "data integration IT infrastructure, acceleration of data processing capability," "advancement of data analysis that makes full use of AI," and "enhancement of on-site solution provision." And, by combining and accumulating these, the development of increasing the customer value of products and services is accelerating. It is "advancement of products and services" that makes full use of data IT, and it will become the mainstream of Digital Transformation, in addition to improving the efficiency and productivity of various in-house operations.


We are paying particular attention to and working on Digital Transformation as this "advancement of products and services". The target business themes for companies are the following three.


- Currently Increase the competitiveness and persuasiveness of products (products / services)

- Increase the sustainable growth and development potential of the products for the future and the entire business

-  Aim for a gradual shift and transformation of business formats that are not bound by existing business areas


At first glance, these seem to be separate short-term and medium- to long-term efforts, but if we carry out the above-mentioned elaborately accumulated deployment of customer value, we can and should realize them in parallel. is. We support that task.


For such businesses / departments (link to each other)

In particular, the following initiatives are for business and departments.


-Corporate Planning Department, Personnel Training Department: Creating a vibrant corporate culture and organizational structure, developing global human resources

-Products / Business planning and development: Strengthening product competitiveness through digitalization and open development

-Corporate / business investment: Strategic domestic / overseas corporate / business investment such as CVC and M & A

-Business / management strategy: Metabolism of business portfolio overlooking the entire company

-Global business promotion: Pursuing business expandability with an awareness of the international market, solidifying partners

-Various issues and approaches for DX conversion work ...

-The need for differentiation and speeding up in business development is only increasing. The trend toward digital transformation against the backdrop of IoT and -AI makes it possible to develop innovation at a considerable speed, and on the contrary, it will come even if it rushes. This is especially true when considering the selection of existing products / business areas and the shift to business formats. --Then, what should we do specifically to stay ahead of the trend toward DX for product development and deployment? There are various perspectives to be clarified and challenges to be faced.


Innovative management

・ Are there any measures to regain an innovative corporate culture that creates new ideas from within the company?

・ Is there anything that can be done by creating an organization, work environment, human resources development, etc. with the aim of corporate growth and development?

・ How can we naturally improve, plant, and take root in the international and world sensibilities?


DX conversion of products and services

・ What is the global trend of DX-type products development in the company's industry?

・ Similarly, from a DX perspective, what kind of products and services can sustain competitiveness in the future?

・ What kind of composition should we aim for as a whole in combination with the existing products?


Strategy for open deployment

・ Are there any tips to smoothly promote cooperation with external companies and lead to new businesses?

・ How can we draw and execute cooperation, CVC investment, and M & A that will significantly change the business format?

・ Is it possible to collaborate with industry and academia to promote digital transformation? Can you identify the research plus partner?


Practicing the creation of competitiveness and growth / development capabilities

・ There is no in-house data for PoC, and customers do not want to give it out. What to do

・ It is difficult for external data scientists to build their own business model. What to do

・ There has been a lot of discussion. How can I take a step toward DX with each theory?


Innovation Drivers (ID)

One of the key points in accelerating efforts on these various themes is, after all, advanced general-purpose technology and collaboration with external partner companies who are familiar with various on-site scenes. At that time, it is important to accurately confirm and grasp the technology, products, and business contents of the company and the partner company from a Innovation Drivers("ID") perspective as much as possible, and draw a synergy formation model accurately.


ID is a support set that supports the following business themes and their accompanying areas in order to promote the competitiveness of companies from a ID perspective, that is, their growth and development capabilities. And the core part is an initiative program to promote ID conversion of products, services and the entire business.


1. Creating an innovative constitution
Rebuilding an innovative corporate culture

Creating an organization for continuous innovation and growth and development


2. Forming a DX model of products and services
Identifying DX themes for products, services, and the entire business
Deployment model study and categorization


3. Open business development
Search and negotiation for domestic and overseas collaboration / investment candidate companies
Designing synergies with partner companies and promoting collaborative businesses

4. Strategic investment
Examination of individual investment cases including M & A
CVC fund management

5. DX development
Product DX development with collaborative companies
Offshore development in advanced areas


6. Education / training
Continued education and training seminars

Educational content development


For Emerging companies

If you are a growing emerging company, let's focus on it.

⇒ Arrangement divided into "for large companies" and "for medium-sized growth / start-up companies"





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