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Set Value -Advancement of Products and Services from a Digital Perspective-


This set value is an approach when you want to focus on a specific theme by monitoring the advanced trends in the same industry and other areas with a monthly package, while also seeing the partners. This is the content of the final "set offer". Especially, it is effective for the following theme fields.

 Solutions for thematic fields
     In particular, we will introduce it as a solution for the following fields.
Smart manufacturing, industrial system
Maintaining social infrastructure, safe and secure
Medical care, health management, life science
Smart city (construction / real estate, comfortable office, logistics, etc.)
     ICT system, software development

"Advancement from a digital perspective" Issues to be addressed
Regardless of the theme field or business scale, there will be the following issues to be tackled.
・ Aim to form competitiveness of products and services with a view to international expansion
   ・ For that purpose, we will invest in domestic and overseas companies and strengthen the cooperative relationship.
・ Draw a short-term, medium- to long-term growth model in the business portfolio
・ Identify and develop partner companies that best match the technology and product content that they own
   ・ Products and services that attract partner companies ・ Further plan business development, etc.

 1. Visualization tool for product service DX conversion = ID index
   (Customer value accumulation type of products and services in the data value chain and its degree, a group of indicators showing the degree of achievement of DX conversion in that sense)
    DX: Accumulating and developing digital value for customers of products and services for the growth and development of companies

   How to use the index
① Grasp the development model to further transform your company's products into DX
(2) Understanding mutual business models and positions in the data value chain when collaborating with businesses
(3) Competitiveness assessment and visualization as the degree of DX conversion of specific products
   (4) Exquisite indexing and search narrowing from the DX perspective of development partner companies

 2. Products advanced (DX) model from a typical digital perspective
     Advanced development from existing products and services, introduction of the entire completed model from the outside, and both sides

      〇 Parts / single equipment, buildings and other things General IT connection / digitization
〇 Smarter digital devices (data processing / analysis, addition of AI functions)
〇 Monitoring / control / optimization / automation of on-site work, general-purpose solution
〇Smart ICT infrastructure (data processing / analysis, addition of AI functions)
〇Making solution equipment such as smart equipment (providing problem-solving services)
〇 General-purpose solution service for customer-oriented professional services
〇Providing smart ICT platform solutions and IoT platforms
〇BI-like, big data processing-like current data processing / analysis AI

 3. Set offer
     With the above models in mind, we will guide you through the following approaches.
Each can be deployed separately or all at once.

 1. Theme setting for the development of the products and services that you own or the development of a new image.

  Determining from own company, development of competing / peripheral companies, industry trends, etc.

 2. Examination of development concept, model organization
    From a close examination of data value chain type development cases also seen in the good performance development model

  3. Short-term / medium- to long-term growth model including drastic product conversion (business format shift)

  Considering product / business shifts from the maturity area more precisely, including the DX perspective.
  4. Comprehensive identification and narrowing down of potential partner companies, relationship building, etc.

  As a material for studying deployment models, as a candidate for actual collaborative development, CVC investment, and M & A

  5. Actual development (offshore)
   Collaborative development with partners
Data value chain (DVC) phase compensation / reinforcement, acquisition and development of a completely new DVC type company
   Platform platform, cloud development, collaboration with major platformers, or building a platform for independent development
It was
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