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The original full name of SBF Consulting (SBF, Inc., the US corporation) was Silicon Valley Business Forum, Inc. The purpose at the time of its establishment (1999) was to create a place where professional service providers, client companies, and sometimes even third parties could join in to exchange problem awareness and knowledge without boundaries and aim to solve common themes. In short, it was the formation of the "Business Platform".      

The purpose and mission have not changed. And more than 20 years after the start, especially this over 10 years, there has been an increase in sympathy and support from veterans and younger talented people from all over the world, including North America, Japan, Europe, China / Asia, South America. Their area of current awareness of problems and professional effort span the following "theme areas" and the entire Forum. In response to that, we have reaffirmed the purpose of SBF establishment and organized, this time, the forum format. 

Areas of effort (Items for the subscription form)

<Management theme>

This applies regardless of the size of the business.

Select items that you are working on directly or indirectly or that you are interested in (multiple items are possible).

〇 Creating an innovative organization and developing human resources

〇Starting a new business and strengthening the commercialization system

〇 Strategic corporate investment such as CVC, M & A, introduction of funds

〇Short-term, medium- to long-term growth strategy considered in the business portfolio

〇Expansion of global expansion (sales, procurement, creation of local system)

〇 Examination of financing model, continuous capital policy

<Effort category: IT perspective, sector / mission area>

Select items that you are working on directly or indirectly or that you are interested in (multiple items are possible).

The latter half is the theme area that we are working on or aiming for in the future, rather than the type of business. It was

〇 Sensors / devices, semiconductors

〇 Edge processing infrastructure / AI

〇 5G infrastructure application

〇 IoT platform platform

〇 Data management, pre-processing for data processing

〇 Data analysis / AI processing

〇 General-purpose solution (monitoring, control, optimization, automation)

〇 Making various IT services into solutions

〇 Automation of customer-based services

〇 Smart manufacturing / industrial system

〇Maintaining industrial and social infrastructure, safety and security

〇Smart city, comfortable living space

〇 IoT for medical / long-term care and health management

〇Smart retail / logistics system

〇Decarbonized / renewable energy society

<Specific DX development theme>

I wrote out typical model items that increase customer value by converting products and services to DX.

Select from all of the following 3 groups (s).


Work on new DX conversion

〇 Parts / single equipment, buildings and other things General IT connection / digitization

〇 Smarter digital devices (data processing / analysis, addition of AI functions)

〇 Monitoring / control / optimization / automation of on-site work, general-purpose solution

〇Smart ICT infrastructure (data processing / analysis, addition of AI functions)

Polishing to DX

〇Making solution equipment such as smart equipment (providing problem-solving services)

〇 General-purpose solution service for customer-oriented professional services

〇Providing smart ICT platform solutions and IoT platforms

〇BI-like, big data processing-like current data processing / analysis AI

Increase business growth and development capabilities from a DX perspective

〇 DX-type product service line with good growth and development structure, business structure creation

〇 Shift to business format from mature market, advance into frontier field

Forum subscription ⇒ Subscription form

As an individual, as a corporation, please select an item from the above "approach area".

This item can be reviewed every 6 months.

The subscription fee for each model and the services that can be received are as follows. (All amounts do not include tax)


Basic (3,000 yen / month)

・ Systematic continuous provision of attention case information in the area of ​​interest (selected items above) (Weekly: SBF Weekly)

Case studies suitable for your interests from representative / competitive companies, start-up companies, university research institutes, etc. inside and outside Japan

It will be selected and continuously distributed as structured knowledge. It was

・ Interaction meetings (as needed. Online or face-to-face meetings 1-2 times a month)


Start-up companies (independent, university, major companies)

Basic (50,000 yen / month)

In addition to the above personal support, we will do the following:

・ Identification of products of major and mid-sized companies that have synergistic relationships with owned technologies and products.

As basic information for sales development destinations, collaborative development proposal destinations, and building strong relationships in the future.

Premium option

・ Posting your company's development information on the forum site (10,000 yen / month per case)


Major corporation:

Basic (75,000 yen / month)

In addition to the above personal support, we will do the following:

・ Information on individual partner candidate companies

・ Systematic indexing of product and service sophistication themes (using DX indexes). 

Products and services for representative companies in the target industry, competitors themselves, and peripheral companies

After clarifying the actual development situation, we will narrow down the DX theme that attracted our company.

Premium option

・ Posting your company's development information on the forum site (10,000 yen / month per case)

・ Create and provide an initiative plan (50,000 yen / project)

⇒ DX index: Two main approaches

(With an online or interview briefing session)

⇒ Enrollment form


The initiatives in this Forum are as follows.

  -Digital transformation to form competitiveness of products and services. 

  -Draw a short, medium to long term growth model in the business portfolio.

  -Make strategic investments to strengthen relationships (CVC, M & A).

  -Sharing business values ​​and mission across national borders (Web promotion..).

  -Examine and implement financing models from VCs, markets and companies.

  -Innovative organizational formation, human resource development. etc.

Join the Forum

As an individual or corporation, please select the field items you are interested 

in the above 10 forums (multiple items are possible).

The joining forum items can be reviewed every 6 months.

The monthly fee is [1 forum joining fee] x [number of the forums].

The services available for each joining model are as follows.

Join as an Individual:

Basic (One forum join: 100 US dollar / month)

-Getting latest tech trends in the forum area, target industries information.

-Similarly, remarkable information of business activities of the representative companies, competitors, peripheral, start-up companies, and academia etc.

-Participation in various seminars, education and training programs.

-Opinion exchange meeting(basically on net) regarding matters to be consulted.

Corporate membership:

Basic (One forum join: 1,000 US dollar / month)

In addition to support for individual members as above, we provide the following customized support for your company. 

-Clarification of themes for the Digital transformation of your products and services.  

Through competitive analysis, development status such as data analysis / AI , IoT basic technology are clarified for representative companies in the target industry, competitors and peripheral sectors. In particular, we will investigate the degree of customer value formation there from the perspective of Digital Trans-formation. Then, we will narrow down the themes for your company.

Premium option

-Posting your company's activity information on your participating forum site

(500 US dollar / month per one case).

-Create and Provide an development initiative plan (1,000 US dollar / one case). 


Join forum

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