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Selection of your interest area

By SBF Letter twice a month, we aim to provide content that is more in line with the area of ​​interest of you. Therefore, prior to applying for membership, please select the content you are interested in from each of the following four categories. You can select multiple in each categories.


Transition to digitalization / DX conversion of individual products and services (construction, procurement)

It is in the transition stage to DX type development of products and services that are not DX type at the moment (collectively, "Products" in the following). Although the notation is given here with the electronic device system area in mind, this "device" can also be used for buildings such as houses and bridges, general "things" that can be connected to the Internet, and "service provision" away from things. It is a content that can be widely replaced and should be replaced. The same applies below.


〇Connecting parts / single devices to the Internet / digitization

〇 Smarter equipment system (addition of data processing / analysis function)

〇 Monitoring, control, optimization, and automation of on-site work

〇 Smart IT infrastructure, cloud computing

(Other items)

Current products ・ Further strengthening of promotion of DX conversion of business development

This is a deployment model shift work to further strengthen and differentiate the products that have been converted to DX to some extent.


〇 Smart device solution equipment (on-site problem solving type)

〇Professional service solution service / RPA

〇Providing IT-based solutions and creating IoT platforms

〇 AI conversion of data processing and analysis related to the whole

(Other items)


Promotion of development in socially essential theme areas

Similarly, we will attract and promote DX-like development in socially essential and trendy theme areas such as the following.


〇 Smart manufacturing / industrial system

〇Maintaining industrial and social infrastructure

〇 Construction / housing, real estate tech

〇 Smart city, comfortable living space

〇 IoT for medical / long-term care and health management

〇 Smart consumption / logistics system

〇 Decarbonized / renewable energy society

(Other items)


Review work from the DX perspective of the business position

In order to form further corporate growth and development potential, we will promote reexamination of the entire business position, metabolism, and business format shift work with an eye on future development. In addition to converting individual products and businesses to DX, we also perform mapping work that adds the current state of the developing customer market and the frontier concept.


〇 DX-type product service line with good growth and development structure, business structure creation

〇 Shift from mature markets to frontier fields

(Other items)



⇒ Enrollment form

Areas of effort (The following items are options for the subscription form)


<Management theme>

This applies regardless of the size of the business.

Select items that you are working on directly or indirectly or that you are interested in (multiple items are possible).

 -Creating an innovative organization and developing human resources

 -Starting a new business and strengthening the commercialization system

 -Strategic corporate investment such as CVC, M & A, introduction of funds

 -Short-term, medium- to long-term growth strategy considered in the business portfolio

 -Expansion of global expansion (sales, procurement, creation of local system)

 -Examination of financing model, continuous capital policy

 -Other themes ()


<Effort category: IT perspective, sector / mission area>

Select items that you are working on directly or indirectly or that you are interested in (multiple items are possible).

The latter half is the theme area that we are working on or aiming for in the future, rather than the type of business. It was

 -Sensors / devices, semiconductors

 -Edge processing infrastructure / AI

 -5G infrastructure application

 -IoT platform platform

 -Data management, pre-processing for data processing

 -Data analysis / AI processing

 -General-purpose solution (monitoring, control, optimization, automation)

 -Making various IT services into solutions

 -Automation of customer-based services

 -Smart manufacturing / industrial system

 -Maintaining industrial and social infrastructure, safety and security

 -Smart city, comfortable living space

 -IoT for medical / long-term care and health management

 -Smart retail / logistics system

 -Decarbonized / renewable energy society

 -Other fields ()


<Specific DX development theme>

I wrote out typical model items that increase customer value by converting products and services to DX. Select from all of the following 3 groups (s).


Work on new DX conversion

 -Parts / single equipment, buildings and other things General IT connection / digitization

 -Smarter digital devices (data processing / analysis, addition of AI functions)

 -Monitoring / control / optimization / automation of on-site work, general-purpose solution

 -Smart ICT infrastructure (data processing / analysis, addition of AI functions)

 -Other themes ()

Polishing to DX

 -Making solution equipment such as smart equipment (providing problem-solving services)

 -General-purpose solution service for customer-oriented professional services

 -Providing smart ICT platform solutions and IoT platforms

 -BI-like, big data processing-like current data processing / analysis AI

 -Other themes ()


Increase business growth and development capabilities from a DX perspective

 -DX-type product service line with good growth and development structure, business structure creation

 -Shift to business format from mature market, advance into frontier field

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