Flexibility, Scalability, and Globality



Launched in 1999, SBF is a boutique consultancy providing  business promotion support and design-planning in the Digital IT sectors. Particularly, we support to promote your strategic products globally now and for the future in the field of data analysis / AI, the business solution providing, and SDGs. We will work together on themes to improve and lead society with rich ideas, awareness of issues, a sense of mission, and extensibility from a global point of view. 



Advanced Computing, AI

IoT Platform, Data Communication

Healthcare, Life science IT

Civil Infra Maintenance

Business Support
Business Opportunities Clarify

Products Designing, Business Strategy

IoT/AI Trend leading, M&A

Business Promotion Globally




IT Solution Proposal


Data Sensing, IoT Platform

Machine Learning, Edge Com. AI

Smart Factory, Plant management

Health-Disease Monitoring 

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